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Multi Modal Transportation

Multimodal freight transportation is the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle using multiple modes of transportation, including rail, ship and truck. This particular type of transit concept - truck-rail in particular - is growing faster than any other mode of transportation. A sizable amount of containers and trailers are moved using intermodal transportation throughout India and globally. Multimodal transportation is the most preferred and widely accepted mode of transportation, both operational and marginal.

We at Shiftco Shipping advocate intermodal transportation to our clients chiefly due to its dependability, sustainability and cost efficiency.


Dependability is safeguarding the delivery of goods at a continually increasing frequency and speed. Swiftness is an ingredient which is essential in providing a reliable transportation method.

Since multimodal transportation involves a group of parties working together, a lot of significance is given on the supervising of cargo every step of the way using state-of-the-art mechanization. With real-time mechanization at their disposal, all parties involved in the process have the clarity to list changes and can attune to any deferrals.


Carbon emissions across the supply chain can be largely minimized by using multimodal transportation. Multimodal transportation has to its credit many environmental benefits related to air quality. This is accomplished through incessant enhancement to fuel efficiency in trucks, as well as increased reliance on rail, which is one of the most eco-friendly system of freight transit.

Cost Efficiency

Mutimodal transportation can endeavour a company lessen transportation costs because it allows a determined mode of freightage to be used for the portion of the trip to which it is the most cost efficient. With fuel prices steadfastly sky rocketing, turning toward a multimodal attitude can assuredly be a way of exercising economy. At Shiftco Shipping, we can aid you take the leap to multimodal transportation. Our team of supply chain specialists can help devise and administer a multimodal shipping solution that can save money for our clients whilst also catering extraordinary, genuine, and truly transparent services.